Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I like science fiction

I have often been asked why like science-fiction so much. The reason is simple. Unlimited possibilities…
In science-fiction anything is possible and it has nothing to do with reality. It has only been since I met my wife, Kelley, that I have watched CSI and stuff like that. Although I must admit that the writers of those shows really do an excellent job, still, what you are watching on the screen is oftentimes a sensationalized version of what could happen.
Through the magic of science-fiction, the world around us becomes a wondrous place where anything can happen and does on a frequent basis. I mean, you go to the limits of fact and then change your story into something that is not possible, but it is plausible, and it brings out an aspect of human nature.
Humanity is so interesting. Psychologically, We are flawed and our intellect competes with our motions on many levels. Combine this with Science fiction and you are limitless.

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