Thursday, February 12, 2015

Be active

Life is complex. This we all know. Yours truly is always in high gear also, but I do take a breather every now and then. My birthday was February the 8th and did absolutely nothing the entire day.
Ah, how good that was!
Now, I'm working again. I'm sitting here in bed still thinking about what I need to do today. I'm quite sure that many of you are trying to keep track of a long list of activities, if not in the mornings, then at some other hour.
My challenge to you is to take a deep breathe, hold it for a few moments, then exhale slowly. There's time enough for everything, but if we don't keep being active, we may all end up like 300 pound sofa ornaments.
Be well, my friends. In Christ's name...

Friday, January 30, 2015

Space travel

Yoohoo! Hey out there in virtual land! It's your electronic writer.
I changed the look of my blog the other day and I'm quite proud of the design. You ought to check it out...
In other news...
Have you ever thought about journeying to the stars and beyond? While there are many thoughts on how to get to the ISS space station (including an immense elevator LOL), there are few innovations being dreamed up for actual space exploration. There are two noteworthy ideas:
1) a solar sail
2) warp drive
In fact there are multiple warp drive models in the making: one by NASA themselves. This innovation could get us from the Earth to Mars in a couple of weeks instead of eight months at a fraction of the cost. The other prominent model would require very little energy for the propulsion. It works by manipulating electromagnetic waves.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Keeping busy

We all have things to do. Me too!
Went to Lafayette Tuesday evening to a Louisiana Produces meeting. Got home at 11:45am through immense fog. Wednesday I was on autopilot which I don't remember much of. Thursday, feeling better, I entered two writing contests. 
Busy week! Today, I visited with my adorable mother who dyed her hair red. It came out light reddish/brown... she was not happy. I figure it was a progressive week! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

making time

we all make time for what is important. whether we are shopping,  sleeping, eating, or something else, we all think that there is all the time that we want. What if time was not infinite but finite? What would you do differently?
Think about this the next time you are talking to your son, daughter, wife,mother,father?..?.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Days in Southern Louisiana

It's Saturday in Southwest Louisiana, usually a slower day for me, and my mind (and body) turns to how cold it's been in recent years. We all know about the THEORY of global warming, huh? I ask all of you, if the THEORY is to be taken as fact and thus take millions upon billions of dollars to combat, shouldn't we be seeing a spike in temperatures year round?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Our Great Failures

We attempt many things during our lives. Some attempts are a success, others flop. Many times, we find sorrow in the failures, but that's not always the case.
What did Thomas Edison say? He found 1,000 ways not to make a light bulb. Or something like that.. 
Writer's can find solace in a rejection by the positive things. If they don't say, 'This is horrible,' or 'Don't quit your day job,' that's a good thing. If they offer compliments or say 'Keep in touch,' that can propel us to feeling great.
Don't let failures defeat you, but instead look on the bright side of life.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I like science fiction

I have often been asked why like science-fiction so much. The reason is simple. Unlimited possibilities…
In science-fiction anything is possible and it has nothing to do with reality. It has only been since I met my wife, Kelley, that I have watched CSI and stuff like that. Although I must admit that the writers of those shows really do an excellent job, still, what you are watching on the screen is oftentimes a sensationalized version of what could happen.
Through the magic of science-fiction, the world around us becomes a wondrous place where anything can happen and does on a frequent basis. I mean, you go to the limits of fact and then change your story into something that is not possible, but it is plausible, and it brings out an aspect of human nature.
Humanity is so interesting. Psychologically, We are flawed and our intellect competes with our motions on many levels. Combine this with Science fiction and you are limitless.