Monday, November 17, 2014

What we think, we do?

Our thoughts are a reflection of us and our personalities. Is this not true? Well, not necessarily. a writer has to think I lot of different things so he or she can tell a good story. If we create a bad character, does that mean that we are bad people? Certainly not! If I think about doing somebody wrong, does that mean that I am a  murderous person just for thinking such thing? Definitely not!

I do think that if I have a pattern of thinking such thoughts repetitiously, then I would have a tendency toward such behaviors, but I cannot limit my characters to overall whimsical saint hood. There’s is such a thing as creative license that transcends these matters. It is the same thing with actors that are overall good people playing bad rolls. When they play rolls that are contradictory to what they are as a person, those roll traits are quickly dispelled.

The human ability to do these things with no lasting effects is evidence to the human indomitable spirit.

What we think, we do?

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